How to Make a Rebel Daze Cocktail

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How to Make a Rebel Daze Cocktail

When it comes to ringing in the new year, you can never go wrong with bourbon — whether neat, on the rocks, or straight from the bottle (no one’s judging). However, sometimes you need to mix it up with a cocktail that evokes the spirit of the occasion.

This drink packs a punch, with a helping of Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon. But rather than the requisite champagne or sparkling wine (not that there’s anything wrong with that), this cocktail gets its party on with a hard cider. Strawberry purée adds a touch of sweet — because even a rebel can be sweet every now and then.

1 part Rebel Yell Bourbon
2 parts hard cider
1 teaspoon strawberry puree

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice and stir. Strain into a champagne flute.